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  • Yarit Dor

Intimacy Coordinator or Intimacy Director or Intimacy Consultant?

Are you looking for intimacy support on your show but not sure which role you should be getting?

Are you a new intimacy professional wanting to credit yourself in the UK industry?

At present the three main roles in our industry are:

1- Intimacy Director

A specialist intimacy movement choreographer for live performance: opera, theatre, dance, performance art, fashion show etc. The role includes pre-production meetings & guidelines, intimacy rehearsals and related paperwork, technical rehearsals, dress rehearsal, attendance in preview note sessions, periodic visits to show watch.

2- Intimacy Coordinator

A specialist intimacy choreographer and coach for the screen industries such as TV, films, photo shoots, commercials, music video, motion capture etc. The role includes coordinating between departments, paperwork, departmental budgets (as required), facilitating consent based practices on set, intimacy choreography and performance coaching (if requested by the performer). Tasks include all stages of production: pre-production, pre-shoot day, shoot day and post shoot day.

3- Intimacy Consultant

If the intimacy professional only provides support in pre-production by giving guidance, protocols and paperwork. They aren't present on set or in rehearsals.

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