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The Art Of Intimacy (Part 2) 

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Women & Shakespeare Podcast

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Such Stuff - Shakespeare's Globe Podcast

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Rambert Super Humans Podcast - intimacy direction in dance


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Listed Londoner

(BBC Radio, Robert Elms show) 


Julia Goldani Telles about working with an Intimacy coordinator (Yarit Dor and her team) on set. 

The cast of Becoming Elizabeth on shooting intimacy and working with an Intimacy coordinator on set (Yarit Dor predominantly, only twice they worked with Yarit's covering associates). 

Yarit Dor introduces the role of an Intimacy y Coordinator on the Swedish Film and TV Association event 2022.  

Segment from an online discussion about Yarit's journey from dance to theatre. Interviewed by Larissa Pinkham from Sterts Theatre & Arts Center (UK). 

Yarit Dor speaks on the panel of the "Women With A Movie Camera", BFI, 2021.  

Yarit Dor speaks on the panel of 16 Days, 16 Films 2020. 

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