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Actress Hayley Squires on working with Yarit  (from Culture Whisper Magazine): 

"I had never worked with an intimacy co-ordinator before. These are the most detailed or intimate sex scenes I’ve ever done on screen, and it was brilliant to have Yarit [Dor, intimacy co-ordinator] around...and I liken it to working with a choreographer. 


'Her presence in the rehearsals that we did with her before shooting, going into a room together and blocking out each moment, and how we were going to shoot them, and the placement of our bodies, even down to the placement of our hands or foot or leg… It allowed a real safety around it. It meant that when we got on set, we were able to just relax about it and concentrate on the content of the scene. It’s like a dance, in the same way that you have a stunt man for fights.'

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Actress Laura Peake on working with Yarit in MOOD (from Hunger Magazine): 

"We had Yarit Dor who was amazing. She was good at making situations really light and funny so you felt comfortable being vulnerable... And then, during the orgy scene in episode three, they said it would be easier if we all gave ourselves different names, instead of using our real ones. That’s good because you can separate the scene from reality, and you would “tap in and tap out” through a high-five as you go in, and another as you go out and back into yourself."

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