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  • Yarit Dor

Acceptance Speech - Rose Bruford Fellow Award

Acceptance Speech - Rose Bruford Fellow Award (Graduation Ceremony on 14 September 2023)

By Yarit Dor

Written on 30/8/2023

Dearest graduates and their families. I’m sad to not be able to attend but I hope that my words can pass my intentions and wishes.

You are all about to embark on a journey to put your artistry into the industry. What a marvellous new adventure awaits you. And an adventure it is - with its ups and downs, meeting new people, learning more about your craft and what new skills you want to embrace.

I am so happy to know that you are stepping into a more conscious industry that is post #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter. An industry that understands the need of safer practices by hiring intimacy directors, drama therapists and fight directors to support the portrayal of challenging material. An industry that uplifts new writing that looks at all people and confronts our social norms today. It is such an exciting time for performers, theatre makers and filmmakers. Grasp it, enjoy it and explore everything from fringe to mainstream, from theatre to film, from new musicals to music plays. Truly now, the whole world’s your stage.

This does not however mean that inequalities or questionable behaviours are not still out there. It would be wrong of me to tell you otherwise. But the voices of those onstage and backstage are being heard, change is already at work and I’m thrilled that you are the generation to continue it.

So as you embark on your adventure, I want to share the wisest advice I got from my teacher at LISPA, Michael Brown. He said to us at our graduation day: “Go out there and do whatever makes you most playful.” This has been a driving force for me in my journey. And with time I’ve realised what playfulness means to me - I believe it is the juncture where freedom and respect meet. Freedom allows our impulses to thrive. Respect fosters trust in the company which is fundamental to creating safer practice. So I invite you to test your playful spirit on each show. What would help make you playful? What do you need to ask for? What’s in the way? Allow all experiences to be your teacher so you know what are your boundaries and what energy you need in the room to do your best work.

So, the time has come, go be swept away by stories and characters

Go hold a mirror up to audiences and move their hearts to action

Go speak up no matter whether you are onstage or backstage for you are worth it and you matter.

Playfulness, Freedom, Respect and Fearlessness.

I send you love, I send you strength and if you don’t remember any of this speech please remember this - you have wings and you don’t need anyone’s approval to fly upwards.

Thank you.


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